Life on St. Helena Island | The island life provides an abundance of activities

Take advantage of the numerous water-related recreational activities, safe in the protected waters for children as well as adults. Fish off the dock or from a small boat for perch, sunfish and rockfish, or crab for the ample supply of Maryland's famous blue crabs. The region, famous for its sailing, is the perfect place raise the sails and journey a boat around the river, cruise in a motorboat down stream to a restaurant on the river, or venture a bit farther to one of the shops, numerous restaurants, or crab houses in downtown Annapolis or across or the Chesapeake Bay. Waterski, wakeboard, go tubing with a boat, paddle board, kayak, or just swim in the calm waters of the cove and the river beyond, exploring the miles of other endless shorelines. Or just enjoy playing on the beach and splashing around in the water as there are no sharks, poisonous fish, or prickly starfish to worry about.

Exercise options are numerous. The half-mile stone-paved cart path with rolling hills provides the setting for a picturesque run. Swim laps in a pool - Permits and builders are readily available for the cleared space.

Hunters can practice bow and arrow or small-bore target practice and an exclusive blind license for the north end of the Estate is in hand. Chop your own firewood, toil in the gardens, and enjoy the rich and plant-friendly soil on an island that is free of deer, raccoon, rats, and many other critters that devour blossoms, fruits, and vegetables. Bird lovers will be kept busy taking notice of the many species on and around the island.

And when the day winds down, grill up veggies from the garden and fresh fish caught off the dock while relaxing in one of the numerous outdoor seating areas as the sun lowers over the mainland, enjoying the sights and sounds of island life.